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My Journey

My passion for cooking started very young, from the age of 13.

I was cooking meals for my family and experimenting with ingredients. I always found myself drawn to the kitchen, it was my place of solace and escape from teenage boredom.


I got my first restaurant job at 16. At the time it was the only Michelin starred kitchen in Birmingham. I wanted to learn from the best. This is when my perception of food grew to a new level. I was fascinated by the art of plating & new ingredients I had never eaten. I was learning fast and eager for more.

I then went to London and worked with Tom Aikens at his Michelin star restaurant. It was a hard kitchen to work in, with senior chefs testing your will power and working 14 to 16 hour days. That said, I loved the buzz of the kitchen, the banter and the adrenalin rush.

I was MasterChef the Professionals finalist in 2011. After my whirlwind of a roller coaster ride on Masterchef at 22 becoming the youngest finalist, I decided to travel the UK doing a year of pop-up restaurants. It was the first time in my career I had cooked and presented my own plates of food. It was a great experience, the feedback was amazing and I was urged by customers to open my own restaurant. However, at this stage I still wanted to gain more experience and broaden my knowledge with travel.


Michel Roux Jr. introduced me to a Michelin star chef in Spain. I worked as sous chef at 'Zaranda' on Mallorca since 2012. We gained two Michelin stars in 2015, again another amazing achievement.


My journey has not yet ended, maybe even just begun. I am currently head chef on a super yacht, and private chef for my own fine dining events. Food is my life and I love seeing peoples reactions to my creations. I love provoking memories and pushing the boundaries. I am renowned for my inventive combinations of ingredients. Gregg Wallace once said “She serves unique, inventive, creative food with a style of her own. She is destined for greatness”.


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Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.


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